​Birkream, Black, 2015

                        'Chanellipop', 2017

57" tall, fiberglass and wood with automotive finish

Barbie: Botox and Filler Set

         Mixed Medium


Barbie: Fetish Fun

  Mixed medium


            Baby Guccipop, 2018

Fiberglass, wood and automotive finish

​​Baby Birkream (Black), 2015

Birkream (186C), 2015

Birkream (225hc), 2015

          Baby Hermesicle, 2018

Fiberglass and Automotive finish

               Chanerries, 2018

Fiberglass with an automotive finish

​                    42x42x18"

'Vitruvian Karl', 2015

 Baby Chanellipop and Baby Birkream

Images for the Palm Beach Guide 2018

          Hermèsicle, 2018

Fiberglass with Automotive finish

​                 59x22x8"

Baby Birkream; Coral Pink, Orange, 2015

                                          'Birkream: blanc', 2017

                         66x24x25",  Fiberglass with automotive finish